How do we function?

In a word, informally! The renewal of activity within Churches in Newport has been based on shared activity in warm fellowship together, rather than on organisational structure. Some organisation is needed, but this is kept to the essential minimum, as follows:

  • There is no formal membership of Churches in Newport – rather we are by definition “churches in Newport”, whose togetherness is based on the faith, aims and activities outlined above.
  • There will be an annual meeting of Churches in Newport, open to Christians from any of the churches to attend. The primary purpose of the meeting will be to promote and celebrate the various Local Inter-church Activities which Newport Christians are involved in. Other meetings will be called if and when necessary.
  • If at a meeting a vote needs to be taken about any matter then each local congregation has one vote each.
  • At the annual meeting a President will be appointed, or the current appointment affirmed, based primarily on an evident desire and commitment to fulfil the above aims.
  • The President will appoint a Steering Group to work with him/her in the fulfilment of the aims. Anyone from any church who feels a desire and call to work with the Steering Group is warmly encouraged to approach the President with a view to getting involved.
  • The names and contact details of all those on the Steering Group will be published in the digital Directory which is sent to all the churches.
  • It is expected that whenever a new President is required that this person is likely to come from among those already involved in the Steering Group. The Steering Group will advise all the churches of their recommendation for President at least a month in advance of any meeting at which a new President will be appointed. Other nominations may be made by any of the Newport churches, with a simple election then being held if necessary. The person obtaining the most votes will be appointed as President.
  • As there is no formal membership of Churches in Newport there is no annual subscription required from any church. Each of the various ministries (activities) is responsible for its own funding arrangements, and if at any time there are particular expenses which need to be met then that will be made known and an opportunity given for voluntary donations to be made. Accounts will be kept and independently examined, with a report being made to the annual meeting.